Why You Would Want Aerial Photography of Your Property

A new trend in photography called aerial photography captures the photographs from a distant height above ground by adding extra dimension and fell to it. But why does it concern your property or any property at all, photography is for wedding and advertisements right? Wrong, it has so many applications to count on that will blow your mind. Photography is just a depiction of capturing a moment in time. It's onto us how to use or see it. And yes it does concern properties as well. Let's assume you want to market your house and bored of non-efficient traditional photography which cannot capture the whole beauty of your house. Aerial photography will do it just fine.

With aerial photography, you will have an advertisement that stands out from others. So hire a professional aerial photographer like Singapore Aerial Photography for real-estate to show your house's beautiful perspective.

Why would someone need an aerial photographer?

Simply because of so many variations and opportunities it provides. Aerial photographers are often hired to market the property which is in a stalemate. A single aerial shot can cover the full extent of the property and particularly very helpful for real estate business. It notifies the potential of adding an extension of the property to genuine buys and highlights the standout features of the property. Singapore Aerial Photography for real-estate provides every type of aerial service according to your needs.

It really helps by providing bird eye view from above to see the potential of property and plan extension permission from the community. It is also very beneficial for surveys of properties by pointing out necessary details which can be missed during normal photography. It also helps in solving disputes if your neighbor decides to steal a foot or two of your property. An aerial view can generate enough evidence to support your statement.

Which aerial method is best?

Well, it's totally dependent on how and why you want to use aerial photography. Aerial photography from plane needs to be covered from nearly 1500feet above the ground, which serves as an ideal viewpoint. The photographer will take a number of pictures from every angle of the property. While not all photographers work with telescopic zoom it can affect the image detail and quality.

There are some cameras that are attached to the masts with an off-road vehicle to get a good view of small size properties and can levitate up to 90feet. They are linked to the monitor on the ground and click pictures after adjusting camera angles.

Some aerial photographers use helicopters/drones to cover the area. They can be as low as 500 feet above ground to give a picture perfect view of the property. They are an advanced and new tech for any aerial photographer with god business.

To wrap it up aerial photography provides a variety of solutions to everyone. It can be a wedding, news coverage or just simple market campaign. But one thing is sure that aerial photography trend is here to stay by providing stand-out results to the customers.

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The author is a professional photographer based in Singapore. Nicole Rin is an expert in photography and writes about aerial photography in Singapore.

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