Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Wedding Pictures?

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With everyone owning a camera these days, it can be a little tempting to ask your friends to click the wedding pictures. But do not make that mistake. You cannot do it yourself or get the perfect wedding pictures with just a camera. There are skills and lights involved too! Not just this but many other things. If you are still in two minds about hiring a professional wedding photographer or getting it done yourself by a family member, then you need to read this!

Props – A professional photographer will always carry props whether they are small or big. If you tell them about your wedding theme, they will have the perfect setting made for you. In this way, you have unique pictures that will be remembered forever.

Experience – Wedding photographers have more experience than you might even know. This is their job and they have tricks to get the right shot. Even if your makeup is not touched up or the lighting is off, they will do something to get you the most outstanding wedding picture.

Lighting – Yes, every wedding photographer comes with a set up. They have lights with them even if it is an outdoor day time wedding. These lights make a huge difference to the pictures and even during the night time, you will have good enough lights around for photos. If you plan to “DIY” your wedding pictures, you will have to invest in studio lights which are quite expensive or find the right spot under a tube-light to click pictures.

Observant – Wedding photography Dubai is a big business for a reason. You get married once and wear the gorgeous outfit only once! A photographer is always observing and analysing ways to capture your special moments. He or she will grab candid pictures, posed ones and many others. When you give the job to a family member or a friend, they might slack a little as they want to be a part of the wedding. But with a professional doing the job, they will always be on the look out to capture photos without fail.

Candid shots – We all love candid pictures! Only wedding photographers have the real talent to capture every moment. Whether you are crying, laughing, eating, kissing, hugging, or setting your makeup, the professional photographer will capture it no matter what.

A larger gallery – When you hire a wedding photographer, you will have more than 3000 pictures of your wedding day but with a family member doing it, you will end up with 100 or 200! Everyone wants to be a part of the wedding and enjoy it. If that particular family member is having a bad day or not feeling too well mid-way, they might just cancel out on clicking any pictures.

DIY can work with decoration, but it certainly does not work with wedding photos. Get in touch with several wedding photographers and go through their past work to pick the right one. You can always shortlist according to your budget too.

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