Why Hiring A Professional Seattle Portrait Studio Makes Sense

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Everyone is a photographer these days, thanks to powerful cameras in smartphones with ever increasing pixels. However, while sunsets and flowers could do the work with a few filters thrown in from Instagram, clicking portraits is a whole different ball game. For instance, you would be displaying portraits on walls in your home, be it of your newborn baby, your wedding photos, or simply an updated family portrait. Thus, you want these photos to really capture people's attention.

While you can always go the DIY route if you are low on budget, hiring a professional Seattle portrait studio is always going to give you better results. Here is why:

1. Professional studios have got the lighting correct

Photography is all about lighting, and it takes a lot to get it right. There are a lot of factors that govern the amount of lighting you need in a room. For example, bigger cameras require lights with small apertures to create depth. Similarly, you need less lighting if you are clicking head and shoulders portraits than portraits of automobiles. And then there is the whole subject of strobe lighting and hot lights.

You would need to experiment a lot to get this essential ingredient of photography right. You can save yourselves a lot of time, effort, and money buying incorrect stuff by hiring a professional studio for the job. There are a lot of good Seattle portrait studios that you can rent for creating some stunning portraits.

2. Post processing can be a pain

Portraits worthy of magazine covers often require some amount of post processing, especially by way of skin retouching. Post processing is really an expert's job, since it involves really miniscule changes that add up to make a big difference. When you rent a studio, you can almost be sure that post-processing will be handled adequately.

3. Studios have professional photographers with ideas and experience

There are hundreds of different ways to play around with portraits. Shoot them against a plain, white background for dramatic effect. Shoot them through a glass window to create emotive pictures. You could even use props to create an entire story around portraits.

A Google search would probably reveal hundreds of such cool ideas for portraits. However, the trick lies in their execution, which is where a Seattle portrait studio would take the cake. Professional studios have pros working with them, who can use their experience to create stunning portraits you would be proud to display.

5 DIY portrait ideas if you want to skip finding a Seattle portrait studio

If you still want to go the DIY route to start with, here are 5 ideas you could try capturing in your lens. Remember though, all these ideas require decent lights. If you don't have them, don't bother.

1. Use a plain black background

A black background removes any distractions and helps the subject to really stand out. You need a creaseless soft, black cloth, and a couple of lights to make a decent job of it.

2. Get close

You could try clicking a portrait of a person from a really close distance. Crop a part of the photo in post-processing to create tension in your photography.

3. Blur the background

Use a background photo in your studio, and use a wide aperture when shooting to blur it. In fact, if you can handle outdoor photography, using a background of moving traffic can create a brilliant portrait. However, you need to do this at the right time of the day, when you get warm sunlight. It's almost always about lighting.

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