Why Has Aerial Photography in Delhi Already Garnered so Much Attention?

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Aerial photography is not like any other aspect of photography and the technique depends on the skill of the photographer as much as on the equipment, which is mostly a drone. Before drones were widely available, this kind of photography was mostly conducted with the help of choppers and helicopters where the entire range of equipment had to be mounted on the aircraft. This kind of arrangement is not only expensive but also very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Only huge projects required such immense amount of preparation. Any photographer who would want to do something special and unique to fulfill his own creative cravings would often meet a dead end.

Aerial photography in Delhi is all about capturing stunning aerial images and shots that would otherwise have seemed impossible. The capital city of India, already has a lot of resources that are on offer and for someone who has the right vision, they can be the stepping stone to making a great career in photography. It is not just considered an art for the few, it is perhaps the most happening art form right now that enables someone with talent to build a great career. There was a time when photography was indeed challenging because good cameras were rare and they were indeed very expensive for a layman to lay their hands on. Expensive DSLRs were not even available in India very often.

That scenario is currently changing as drones make it a lot easier to capture photographs with the use of a simple hand held device. Once the drone is set on motion, the photographer can control the drone via remote mechanism and then have a look at the photos as they are clicked instantly, with the help of the laptop or a tablet. The entire process might seem very simple but it does require a lot practice and patience for the shots to be perfect. There are hundreds of shot captured each year and many of the same locations, clicked by a hundred different photographers, but if compared side by side, each and every one of them would be different. This is the thing that makes the photography so unique and special and provides a respite from monotony.

Tourism industries and travel management brands had got an idea about the tremendous potential this kind of photography holds in their business and now they are steadily hiring professionals to can stunning images for them. The same can be said of corporate houses who are using this to showcase their projects to the best advantage. Most of the time the corporate houses are mainly concerned with profit making and there was time that little else motivated them. However, they are also becoming more mindful about what the consumers want and consumers today are a lot more oriented towards art and beauty than they were before. For them the aesthetic quality of the product matters as well as the functional aspect and this is where photography blends in with the utilitarian aspect of the corporate projects.

So if a multinational conglomerate thinks about making a foray into hospitality and launches a new line of luxury spa resorts, apart from capturing the resorts in all their beauty from the ground itself, they are also thinking about capturing stunning images from air. This is common knowledge that extra height provides added advantage to almost everything and photography is no different. There are multiple reasons why a corporate house would choose to work with a fresh new talent and aerial photography rather than opting for a tried and tested formula with a seasoned photographer. Freshness always manages to draw crowds and the pressure to stand apart and do something unique is always there, making the need to reinvent a dire necessity. By opting for drone photography, these areas can be easily taken care of.

Aerial photography in Delhi has given flights of fancy to many aspiring photographers here and with corporate houses showing more faith to new talent, it has become easier for them to break new grounds in photography and show the world what they see through their drone cameras.

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