Why Green Screen Technology is The Future of Making Movies

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Green screen technology has arrived

Technology is a wonderful invention – it moves so quickly. Blink and it has gone and replaced with something else that is even more superior and capable of delivering truly amazing things.

Have you considered hiring a green screen studio?

In the past 5 years or so, the art of movie making, and photography has completely changed for many reasons. Once limited by the type, colour and range of backgrounds that were offered by traditional studio hire providers, it is now possible to hire a green screen studio and in so doing, open up a range of creative potential (for photographic work and movies) that is simply out of this world!

Why green is the preferred colour

Green is the preferred coloured background within the process, because it doesn't obviously match any natural skin tone or hair colour. That means no part of an actor or actress can be edited out when chroma keying begins. However, when green has to be used as a costume or prop, then blue backgrounds are sometimes used.

Green screen and chroma keying

If you've sat through a mega blockbuster at the movies and been in awe of what the moviemakers have achieved, you may be interested to know that green screen technology made it possible.

The green screen is an integral part of the special effects process known formally as chroma key. Chroma key allows television producers and moviemakers to use advanced technology to superimpose their subjects onto an unlimited number of virtual backgrounds. But it's not just backgrounds that can be changed and manipulated, objects too can be keyed to fly through the air, alter their apperance and even disappear.

The great beauty of green screen is that it is not limited and there are many that believe we are only just starting to appreciate what can be achieved by pushing the boundaries of this type of video technology.

So how does it work?

Chroma keying (a post production technique), is the process of 'singling out' acolour in an electronic image or photograph, and then using green screen software to make that colour transparent. With a blank canvas in front of you, you can begin to introduce special effects and ideas to replace the old backdrop.

Chroma keying and green screen backgrounds are commonly used by TV producers when publishing weather forecasts. Traditionally, the presenter would be seen standing in front of a large map during televised footage. As they move around the country forecasting the weather, the backgrounds visually change providing a wider degree of insight into what is happening.

A new world of creative potential

Green screen studio hire opportunities are growing. If you are considering introducing a new level of creativity into your photographic or movie work, then look out for a studio that provides green screen backgrounds and sets.

If this is something that you are not familiar with, then ask your studio provider if they can supply technical support and direction (if this is an option).

What else can your preferred studio provide as part of the package?

To achieve the best possible contrast between your background and actors/actresses for chroma key work, you need to properly organise your lighting so that it is well lit.

In respect of outdoor work in naturally bright areas, this may be enough. But for all indoor work, you'll need to make sure that the studio you want to work with has adequate lighting to meet your requirements.

All of these extra (and additional) facilities are hugely important to the success of your green screen photographic work or movie shoot. Be clear, therefore, that your preferred studio hire venue can cater for your unique and individual requirements whatever they might be.

Above all else, have fun with green screen – it can elevate your movie into something really special – something that inspires belief, interest and a real connection with you and your brand.

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