What is Packshot Photography? And Why It’s Different?

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In the business world, there are various terms mentioned relating to photography, which includes a time like a packshot photography, advertising photography and commercial photography. Often people use these terms interchangeably. It is entirely wrong as there is a world of difference between all of them. Packshot photography is a high definition photograph of a product or a package, usually taken in a professional photographic studio, and it is generally with a seamless white background that entirely devoid of distraction.

This white background around the picture is removed digitally, leaving a clean, simple image of the product or a package. The product can be anything from a toy to a ring or a motorbike to a watch. An infinity curve is something which has the seamless background and is usually achieved by having a gently curved wall. These ways it can easily be integrated into things like brochures, catalogs, web pages and flyers. So we can say that the Packshot provides convenience and versatility to an image.

  • What could be the purpose of creating this kind of image?

The main reason behind creating this kind of image is to promote visual recognition of the item. You can just concentrate on the product without any distraction; it conveys what the product looks like! This way it is more likely that the consumer can recognize the product when they see it lying with other products on the shelf for sale. According to many surveys, there is a clear relationship between product image familiarity and product sale. The reason being, the clarity of its image in the mind of the people when there are so many other competitive items existing for sale.

If any consumer have the clarity of the image in the back of his mind, and clearly knows how the item looks like as seen in the advertisement, flyer, and promotional catalog. It will result in probability for sale of the item as the consumer will be able to select the item from ten other items on the shelf.

So we can say that the main purpose of the packshot photography is to increase the conversion rate by increasing brand visibility. As the brand becomes recognizable, it will give a successful return. The real man meaning is about the psychological and visual memory of a person. It makes it so different from advertising photography or commercial photography.

This type of photography is not only limited to brochures or magazines, or companies website but it is seen on t-shirts, side of buses. Once the packshot has been digitally delivered, it can be used on anything that can be printed or as a projected image.

  • Why image over the package so important?

Packaging provides necessary protection to the product. But for some product, it is the packaging that sells the product. So the image on the packet should be designed in an aesthetically pleasing way so that it can grab the attention of the consumers immediately. Packaging can be in the form of wrappers, cartons, bags, boxes or many other forms.

A potential customer can be attracted towards an item by showcasing it in high definition image photos on your e-commerce website. The packaging says it all. It speaks a lot about the product quality. The most noticing thing about it is that the photo of the product is shown; the functionality levels and the way the picture is presented are very appealing. With such kind of photos, you have a competitive edge.

There are many applications used for creating packshot photography. By using these applications, you can create 360-degree animation and 3D animation of packaging. Customers in such case can get an overall view of the product with such interactive animation.

The image which is on the product makes a huge difference and also it creates that image in the mind of the person that when they go for shopping the picture of the product which is taken with the help of packshot photography at PRODUCT PHOTOS makes them select the product.

PRODUCT PHOTOS makes very impressive images of the products by packshot photography that clearly increases the product sales.

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