Wedding Pictures vs. Video A Toss Up

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Every wedding brings along with it the eternal debate between pictures versus video. Indeed, the question has been discussed, deliberated and argued on many an occasion. Well, there are pros and cons on both sides of the table. Let's first take a look at the salient features of both styles:

Camera pictures – Wedding pictures are treasured for a lifetime! They capture precious moments and freeze them forever – the glowing bride, the beaming groom, the joy of the parents and grandparents, the celebratory mood, the decor, food and so much more. And with technology improving by the day, the clarity and quality of the pictures is just getting better and better. A skilled photographer can zoom into any moment even from a distance and capture it in his camera.

The scores of photo editing options available today make it possible to enhance any image or part thereof. The editor can choose to draw the eye to the bride's rosy cheeks, the ruffles of her gown, the rose tucked in the groom's lapel or even the tiers of the wedding cake! You can get a special look or feel on the image from black-and-white to retro or anything else.

And the best part is that you can view the pictures whenever you want. Easily flip through the pages of the album anytime, save them on your mobile and show them off whenever you want or even share them with friends on social media. And framed pictures of the nostalgic moments always occupy pride of place on the mantle!

Video films – Even the best quality pictures are nothing but frozen stills. Lacking movement, they can never depict the real buoyancy, glory and sparkle of a bride and groom's big day. It is only a video with its moving images that can truly bring the spirit and magic alive. In fact, videos have the power to take the viewer right back into that special day to relive it again and again.

The best part about videos is the audio element. You not just get to enjoy the movement but also catch scattered conversations. And which happily married couple doesn't want to hear their vows, best man's speech and other celebratory toasts all over again!

There are vast editing options in videos as well. In addition to the photo options, you can even change the pace, add music or even make shorter copies for sharing the highlights of the day. What's more, it's possible to get stills from videos as well.

Therefore, getting a wedding video in Los Angeles, California is surely a must. Choose a reputed and skilled videographer who will provide both pictures and wedding video in Los Angeles, California! After all, you aren't planning to get married again, are you?

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