Visit Iceland in Winter To Capture Some Of The Worlds Most Magnificent Frozen Scenery

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Iceland is even ever more spectacular during the winter months offering an abundance of frozen waterfalls, frozen beaches covered in icebergs and snow covered volcano's and mountains which give the perfect photogenic opportunities for any keen photographer. The real highlight of the Iceland tour will be the Aurora Borealis.

Starting at Snaefellsnes on the West Coast of Iceland, the first three days will be based in Grundarfordur, which is the perfectplace to photograph the whole peninsular, including the famous Kirkjufell Mountain; this magnificent mountain is as mystical and interesting as its unique wizard hat shape. Arguably the climax of the tour has to be the Aurora Borealis during the evenings with clear skies.

The photography tour then makes its way to Vik, staying near Skogafoss, the famously vast Icelandic waterfall. Exploring the coastline and cliff tops, this will give the group access to the prehistoric sea stacks of Vik and other diverse frozen landscapes. This piece of coastline offers superb opportunities to capture aurora in top locations.

The final leg of the tour will be based near Jokulsarlon. The tour will spend a couple of days photographing the iconic Lagoon iceberg with a truly remarkable landscape, situated just as few minute from the base. From base the team will enjoy some spectacular views of the Vatnaiokull Glacier, icebergs in the lagoon and the black volcanic beach covered in icebergs like diamonds providing countless photogenic opportunities.

This is the second Iceland tour due to popular demand, led by the same professional tutor David Clapp. David has been a semi professional photographer since 2006, going fully professional in 2009 when he began to have his work commissioned setting his path getting his work recognised and featured in the UK photographic media. He went on to build a career through selling stock imagery, in which he exclusively shoots for Getty images.

As a trained teacher, David has a great understanding and compassion for the learning process in which pace and simplicity is paramount and strengths lie in his adaptability behind the camera and his ability to react quickly to changing conditions while on location. David's passion for architecture and city life, which extends towards the mountains, means he is as happy shooting a robust capital city as he is in the wild with diverse landscapes. Furthermore David has broad knowledge of cameras, lenses, adapted lenses and known for his skills in photo editing using top photographic software such as Photoshop. David is renowned for being a true technical specialist in which to utilize throughout the seven-day tour.

It is worth noting that a reasonable degree of fitness is necessary to cover a possible icy terrain at times. The course runs from January 30th to February 7th 2016 and costs 2895, which includes a deposit of 300. Courses can now be booked on mobile. For more information please visit here .

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