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Use of printers today is inexhaustible. While there are some people who use the printers for general purpose, like printing the medical documents, bills etc; there are certain categories of professionals who simply cannot do without printers. The photographers, for example; it is inevitable for the photographers to survive without a printer. However, choosing the right kind of printer when there are various options to choose from, makes the task a little daunting. This is where VRS Computers comes into picture. The market leader in IT Services, including the one to offer the end to end printer services right from printer rental to printer repair; offer an assortment of printers on lease for all kinds of use.

What choice of printers is available for photographers?

Like the other computer peripherals, the choice of the printers is also made based on the requirement one has. Though there are plenty of photo printers in the market, including the inkjet printers, dye sublimation printers, color laser and also the printers that make use of the chemical process, here are the most cost effective printers that combine functionality at its best- the inkjets and dye sublimation printers.

Inkjets: Inkjets have probably been there for over 50 years now, making it an acceptable choice for photography without any resistance. However, over the period of time, they have evolved to become the ideal choice of photographers. They are capable of producing such superior quality prints that even the time cannot take a toll on them. The technology behind the inkjet printing is that they spit out tiny dots so fine in a pattern that is makes it impossible for the human eye to detect.

Dye Sublimation: Unlike the dot format of the inkjets, the dye subs produce a continuous tone print. It is a completely different technology all together. As the ribbon passes through the heater, a layer of dye is melted and transferred to the paper, thereby producing blotch-free prints.

Advantages of Inkjet over Dye Sublimation printers:

  • Produces image with finest details including precise and sharp edges.
  • Flexibility to use a variety of paper or material like, matte, lustre, glossy or can be printed on CDs or even envelopes.
  • Longevity of the prints
  • Can print larger photos of 11x 14 , 13 x 20 sizes
  • Inkjet printing is relatively cheaper

Advantages of Dye Sublimation printers over Inkjets:

  • Produces faster results
  • Offers lower maintenance than inkjets
  • Continuous print with no visible dots whatsoever, despite magnifying
  • Produces excellent shadow details, where the inkjet prints might appear blotchy
  • More real look and feel of the prints

Where Size matters

While there are certain advantages and disadvantages with the inkjets and the dye sublimation printers, the deciding factor could be the size of the print that one is looking at. Inkjets would be an ideal choice if larger prints are required, i.e. over 8x 10, as the dye subs are limited to 8 x 10 size prints. On the other hand are the inkjet printers that are capable of printing even 13 x 20 in prints. There are certain heavy-weight inkjet printers that are super-wide, which go up to even 24″ or 44″.

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