Tips That Let Your Cameras & Equipments Stay With You Longer

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If passion is what drives you and photography flows through your veins, you are just at the right place to know more about it. But, the catch is, today you won't read on how to enhance what you love but on how to preserve it. Your camera and equipments need special love and attention to survive the journey with you. Without proper care and handling, the equipment will surely deteriorate with time and thus, you might not have the results you were expecting.

Photography workshops are a good place to start learning the basics of everything related to photography. Be it how to click good pictures, or how to keep your equipment safe and sound. DSLRs are a complex device and this is the reason their needs are different than the normal point and shoot cameras. However, the following tips can also be used for the normal cameras.

Bag: There are a few points that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a new bag.

  • it should have a soft inner surface to avoid scratches on the camera body
  • should be rugged to handle wear and tear
  • spacious enough to keep the camera and lock comfortably without any undue pressure
  • an additional rain cover for your bag is always a plus, if not, do not forget to keep a polythene in the bag

Storage: Be it whatever photography classes you go to, tips like these are highly recommended. When it comes to storing your camera and equipment, a cool and dry place is a must for its longevity. You should avoid keeping your camera in the open for long durations and a digital cabinet is mandatory if you have multiple camera bodies and lenses. With a digital cabinet, comes the privilege of adjusting the humidity levels, thereby preserving your costly equipment for much longer.

Handling: As important as storage or maybe even more, handling is what will decide the future of your beloved camera. A strap around your neck is always a plus in case you lose your grip on the camera. Pay proper attention when handing over your piece of equipment to someone else. Make sure the strap is around their neck. Also, avoid touching the camera lens and filter surface to protect them from scratches.

Cleaning: A good cleaning kit may cost you around INR 500 and this is an investment worth making. It consists of a soft bristle brush, air blower, a lint free cloth, cleaning solutions and tissues papers.

It is important that you clean your camera after every outbound trip. Use the brush to clean the outer body followed by lens surface. Wipe it clean with the lint free cloth to avoid scratches. You can also put the air blower to use while cleaning the outer surface.

All this and a lot more can be learned at a good photography school, provided you know how to look for one. Make sure to get in all the details along with the answers to your queries. Only if you are satisfied with the faculty, the infrastructure and everything else, go forward and enroll with the school to take your photography career ahead.

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