Tips on Wedding Detail Shots

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Capturing gorgeous detail shots of wedding photographs is enjoyable. Regardless of how chaotic the situation is, capturing little details of the bride and the groom is a must. This is because mostly, both the groom and the bride will not remember. A successful wedding photographer is the one who gets into all the details through photo shots. Simple things like the jewellery to shoe, everything breaks, fades or is replaced. The only way to recollect them is through the photos. The cake also is eaten, but on seeing the photos, you get an opportunity to relive the moment. There is no doubt that the details captured in the wedding photos make each wedding different. It is really important to capture such photos and to preserve them. Actually, it is not difficult as you may think and each detail is unique to each couple. Here are some tips:


This an important element concerned with jewellery. Blur or any soft focus does not work well. The best photo shots of the wedding ring are the one those that are clear and sharp and detailed piercingly.

Depth of the Field

This is based on individual choice, yet the depth of the field is important with respect to wedding photography shots. Having depth of the jewellery is meant to create an interesting background on the subject of wedding photography.

Environment / Background

Technically, jewellery becomes macro shots, but compositionally, those images are strong. Of course, taking pictures of gorgeous ring is not difficult, but to make it appear unique and memorable insists on having the photo shot in proper background or environment. You may incorporate little special elements of the wedding so that a truly captivating image gets created and is worth a gallery.


Lighting plays a vital role in wedding photography and this is important even for your wedding ring or any jewellery and must not be overlooked. Lighting will break or make your detail shots. You may use sidelight, soft light or direct light. However, use it with intentionality and capture breathtaking photos.


It is simple to create jewellery or ring shots. Use other elements to enhance the wedding ring. Actually necklaces or bracelets in jewellery shots can be done absolutely. The most important are the ring shots. Do remember the other jewellery is equally important. Proper attention to the jewellery enhances the photos and makes best memories.

The moment of your wedding is a picturesque moment as you exchange vows, rings and pledge eternal love for each other. This is a gorgeous wedding for you both and this magical moment is made more memorable with wedding photography. The photos of your wedding should include romantic wedding florals to handmade flower bouquets or fresh flowers decorations. All these amazing creation should prove as the perfect options of the wedding. Planning a bit early helps so that you can see things falling at the right time in the right place and your wedding photographs ensure memorable memories for a long lasting period.

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