Three Tips For Best Product Photography Melbourne

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Even the greatest product can't sell itself. It needs the help of a skilled product photographer to capture the qualities and accentuate them to the target audience. Product photography Melbourne is very different from the other general photography. It has its own technique and also requires a specific type of gears and accessories.

The ultimate goal is to grant an appeal to the object by infusing it with a human touch like bold, beautiful, innovative, seductive, friendly etc. if you are looking for the way that your products must look extraordinary, stand out from the crowd and sell really well you need have product photography done. Not much fancy equipment or major know-how is required, just we need an abundance of time, patience and imagination and things start working out.

When you are actually selling any product online, you are actually selling the pictures of the product. The image serves as the medium of communication with your customer and it has to convey all the characteristic of the product.

Product photography Melbourne plays an important role in marketing and communication, especially in the e-commerce sector. To appeal the customer a product needs to be photographed n such a way that it looks attractive to them. For the purpose of advertising, product photos are widely used. Some products might be clothing, cosmetics, food, shoes, jewelry, and others. Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade the clients for the cause to initiate and action.

Simply keeping the product n front of a white background and clicking a picture does not work quite well. The importance of the visual lies in its aesthetic sensibility. Even simple application of few good rules can make an ordinary picture emerge as a beautiful picture. The three L's are the way that should be understood for the product photography.

It's lighting, lensing, and location. Let's understand all the three aspect

  • Lightning: A neat and soft light should be created near the product so that the look of the product is boosted. For this purpose, one can create an umbrella lights or softies with good diffusion for key and fill. If desired, one can also plug in a spotlight. The main idea behind it is the balanced feel and not warm yellow light. Also with the soft light, one can avoid the hard shadows, which can destroy the beauty of the product. A single colored background can be lit up or one can even use a light tent. If there are not enough budgets for softies then the daylight itself can be used for this purpose. A cloudy English day is perfect for a tabletop shoot. Just make sure to use a sheer white curtain or some butter paper on the light source.
  • Lensing: It's a very important aspect. Product looks much better from afar rather than f you stand very close to the image n click. Get hold of the decent long lens and step back to click the right kind of picture. If you have a Nikon that 150 mm macro or 70-80 mm should be perfect. For a canon DSLR, 100 mm macro is a cool choice. Whether you shot shoes, beer can or cellular phone this would be more than suitable. Also use a tripod t enables you to take long exposure image without wobble. Setting your camera to the widest aperture will allow minimum light to get into the lens.
  • Location: If it's a studio based shoot you have to create a light map, plan the backdrop or set, sometimes even have to run test shoot to see if all is proper. If it's an outdoor shoot then you need to check the location, figure the backdrops and elements with the art director. The size of the location will also affect the dimension of the backdrop and the possibilities. The planning needs altogether a new concept and setting if the models are involved. A photographer should have a good sense of shooting and utilize the space effectively n displaying the entire product.
  • The customer cannot touch the product so the look and feel has to compensate for the product when it comes to product photography Melbourne. The photographer has to see that the limitation of not touching should not be the barrier when the consumers are purchasing the product.

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