The Key Thing is to Recognize The Value of Aerial Photographs

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Aerial photographs: an ambitious vision of your projects

The aerial photography is not only used to optimize the performance of a project from different makers. It makes it possible to integrate a notion of aesthetic undeniable to the branding of a project or a company. It is a strategic asset to stand out from the competition.

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Aerial photography by plane

Aerial photography by drone

Aerial photography: when to integrate it into a project?

The aerial photography is suitable for different types of projects. Whether it's for construction, tourism, events, advertising, there's no limit. The services of an aerial photographer are perfectly appropriate when, for example, it is a question of demonstrating the evolution of a site to investors. They can also discover the hidden beauty of any region. It is also a unique way to give a safe to a communication project. In short, aerial photography allows an eye for choice on a project where ambitions are to aim very high.

This service, planned as a digital aerial photography is used in the inventory of the property complex, as well as the need to capture the urban development. In addition such a service is useful in the management of agriculture, land and forest resources. What are the advantages of this technology? The most important thing – it is highly detailed, accurate data that have been obtained.

Reducing the time to carry out the shooting.

Unmanned device can take pictures of an object with an area of 500 acres per hour. The resulting program will process the data for 5-6 hours.

Reducing the amount of work on the ground.

For pre-treatment to the four square kilometers of aerial drone object area in the scale of 1: 2000 should be put only ten reference points.

The ability to use less expensive photographic equipment.

Technique can fly at a distance of a meter from the ground. This allows you to make high-quality images, without involving the expensive cameras with powerful enhancers.

The convenience and efficiency of transportation.

Light aircraft can be delivered to site in any way. At the same time piloted vehicle already on the way fuel consumption.

Simplicity works.

Before aerial photography will be launched UAV specified route. The process itself is fully automated and requires minimal operator intervention.

The accuracy and objectivity of the results.

Technique does not make mistakes, fixing objects on the ground in the centimeter. When analyzing the resulting images using photogrammetry technology that creates a three-dimensional image of the object.

Easy analysis and perception data.

Aerial photography carried out by means of UAVs, it is realistic terrain model in 3d format. Rate represented as such information may be laymen. This is especially true in a situation where control over the project carries out senior executive, ignorant of geodetic surveys. Three-dimensional model will give him an understanding of what is happening is much better than a complex report, for the perception that you need to seriously delve into research subjects.

The author is a professional photographer based in Singapore. Mark Rin is an expert in photography and writes about aerial photography in Singapore.

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