The Importance of Hiring The Right Photographer For Your Company in The UK

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From companies researching medicine in Cambridge to fashion design studios in Peterborough, every company- big or small needs the services of a professional photographer. Photographers offer a variety of services ranging from corporate headshots for your website to event photography to cover your product launch. Thus, when you choose to work with a photographer, it is important to understand the photographer's specialty and pick the right person for the job.

Types of Photography

Photographers specialise in many different fields but when it comes to corporate needs, there are two relevant types of photography; Corporate Photography and Commercial Photography. A corporate photographer specializes in shooting photographs for promotional needs. This can include team head shots, photographs of your team working on projects, products, and corporate events. On the other hand, a commercial photographer focuses on photographs to be used in advertisements. This type of photography may be considered more artistic.

Why do you need a Professional Photographer?

The images you put out of your products and your team play an important role in determining the amount of trust people place in your company. They also differentiate your company from its competitors. Badly shot, amateur photographs not only look bad but also seem to convey an unprofessional attitude. Keep in mind that photographs have a higher recall value as compared to words. Thus, if you have a blurry photograph on your website, this is all people will remember even though the text accompanying the photograph may be beautifully written. Another alternative to hiring a photographer is to use generic stock images. However, these are easily recognizable and make a company look untrustworthy. Thus, though it might seem a cheaper investment at the time, it can be quite expensive in the long run.

What to Look For When Hiring a Photographer

Working with the same photographer who covered a wedding for a corporate event may not have the best results. Thus, it is not enough to base your decision merely on a friend's recommendation. When hiring a photographer, it is important not only to look into their experience but also ensure that this experience is relevant to your needs. In some cases, a photographer will be a part of the creative team and work under the company's directions while in others; the photographer will take on a project right from the onset. In either case, the photographer needs to be imaginative and be able to think conceptually. The personality of the photographer is also important especially if you need corporate headshots. Your photographer should be able to put people at ease and not make them feel conscious in front of the camera.

Photography isn't a product but a service. Every Photographer has a signature style and ideally, you should work with the same photographer for all your corporate needs. This gives all your photographs a uniform look. Thus when hiring a specialist in commercial photography in Cambridge, it is important that you get along with your photographer and both think along similar artistic lines so that you can have a successful long-term relationship. In many cases, you may need more than one type of photograph from your photographer at the same time. For example, while they cover an event, you may also need your photographer to take a few headshots. Thus, the size of your photographer's team should also be kept in mind.

The Legal Angle to Photography

Apart from capturing an image perfectly, photography also involves understanding legal jargon such as model releases, copyright laws, image licensing etc. Not working though the legalities can expose your company to a lot of trouble. A good photographer will be able to sort through all these legalities and give you the proper licenses so as to simplify your administrative work. They are also insured and can protect you and your company from any possible damage.

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