The Best Way to Secure Your Memories is Watermarked Photos

Download instructions: rightclick on the picture and choose "Save picture as"
Tablet and mobile users: tap and hold on the image and choose "Save picture as"

Social media is Amazing, but it has its drawback, too. One of these is that on most social media sites, you don't actually own the photos and other stuff that you upload. Anyone can steal that picture and do what they want with it. Including sell them for $50k each.

There is a way you can help assure your images so you can spot them if someone steal or misuse them is to add a watermark on them. This is simple to do if you're editing your pictures in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, but what if you're on your smartphone or mobile device? Don't worry-it's still easy to add a watermark to your photographs. Even though there's no sure-best way to stop users from theft your images on the web, it's your privilege if you wish to put watermarks. But before you add, be aware that some people have firm feelings about this procedure. At the risk of annoying any hard-core watermarking admirers.

When images are uploaded online, they are hardly secured, means they can be used by anyone who has approach to them. Pictures can be secured through copyrights, but a trick frequently used by photographers is to watermark their pictures. Traditionally, watermarks were different in the thickness of a paper that can only be seen in particular light situations. Digital watermarks are text or logos that are inserted on the photo to authorize the owner of the image. Frequently, watermarks are hazy and look indented. A best way to make sure that no one is using pictures without your approval is to add a watermark with Google play store's apps Auto Stamper, Picasa or Adobe Photoshop.

With the competence to copy the photo off the web as simple as right-click and save, an easy and effective way to secure your photographs is visible watermark. When it comes to watermarks, nevertheless, you either like them or not. They likely to look awful and can wreck a photo, but they're an essential immoral if you want to protect your images from being used by unauthorized persons. It's a controversial matter – some don't actually like them – but there are a number of people who have no problem with using the simple watermarks.

Watermarks don't have to look dreadful, nonetheless, assuming you go about adding them in an exquisite manner. Adding a watermark can be an easy or a lengthy procedure, depending on how implicate and extravagant you want to get. You could use a photo editor and whack some text over it, or overlay a faded icon atop the image in question. Whatever you're extravagant, here are some basic ways to add a better watermark to your images.

The simple and easy way

The simplest way to put some kind of copyright to your picture is to use the text tool in any image-editing program (heck, even Paint will do the job) and tag your signature or text on it. You can do it advisedly by putting it in a corner, in appropriate font size, or smear it over the entire image. Tie a box around it, color it, use a fashionable font, it's totally up to you. This process might not be pleasant, but it's the quickest and simplest way to add a watermark.

Using online tools

Another simple way to watermark a photograph is to use a custom stamp hosted applications like Auto Stamper. Upload two or more images, or pull them from Flickr or Facebook, and then take it from three watermarking options (text, image, or logo). Whereas a text watermark is nothing but your own design signature, an image watermark overlay another pic on top of the original (you'll need to resize the secondary image early on).

On the other hand, Auto Stamper offers the most adaptability in that it lets you situate a text or logo watermark anywhere on the photo as per your preference. The auto stamper photography app also lets you adjust the font formats, style, color, and watermark positions. This app allows users to capture photos with a smartphone default camera for watermarking on it. Auto Stamper gives you the most professional-looking watermarks.

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