Take a Clue of How to Deal With Group Photos During Weddings

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Wedding photography is a very important part of any wedding. A tip is to keep the guest list short, if possible. There is no hard and fast rule for the wedding photography group photos to be taken. Instead of waiting it to be captured at the reception venue, it can be shot after the ceremony immediately near the church of the venue.


Ensure to have ideas to make pre-arrangements about how the photos will be taken. Knowing the place to receive proper lighting is crucial so that the group photos with the guests come out well. It should not appear as though the guests are forced to pose.

People coming to weddings have two common things on their mind, to have fun and celebrate. In case you as a wedding photographer are able to get in first shot, it is easier and saves you also the trouble of making adjustments or taking new photos. Even people need not wait around to pose for the photos. Instead have proper arrangements of the places to eat and drink, where capturing the photos of the guests is easy and they look natural and calm.

Photos to be taken

Wedding photographs of the guests may seem unimportant, but is a very sensitive point. You cannot afford to miss anyone without getting a photograph. Follow the standard protocol of wedding groups for the photos to be taken. Start from:

· Taking everyone's photo

· The entire bridal party

· Immediate family members with the bride in the centre

· The newly-wed couple having both sets of parents on either sides

· The newly-wed couple with immediate family on either sides

· The newly-wed couple with their male friends and then with female friends

· The newly-wed couple with maid of honour and best man.

· The newly-wed couple with the vicar/ priest

· Only the couple

· The newly-wed couple with special guests

And so on…

Wedding poses

Each photographer is different as to how do they take group shots. On informing your style and the couple seem to be pleased, you can go with the same idea. But, if you find the couple look uncertain, you can certainly go traditional so that you are assured everyone is a part in the shots.

A wedding photographer can ask everyone to be in a right position, looking straight and to ensure they are standing in an order to make the photos look perfect. Ask people to remove sunglasses and to smarten their ties in case they are wearing. Stay assertive as during weddings the big groups will undoubtedly have behind some stragglers. Deal with them and ensure no distraction.

Nowadays, the bride and grooms friends and relatives keep taking photos coming in between and you will find lights glaring everywhere. This is a hindrance to your work. Thus allow them to capture few shots and request them politely to stop so that you can capture official shots. After all you are paid for this and at the end more is expected of you.

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