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Portrait Studios are the creative workplace equipped to take professional photographs and create memories. It is a place where photographers and artists work together to bring life to the captured pictures. Seattle portrait studio helps celebrate every stage of life by capturing memories to create timeless portraits.

There are various types of Portrait Photography and a few common ones are:

  • Maternity Photography
  • New Born Picture shoots
  • Child Photo shoots
  • Graduation Photo service
  • Wedding Photography
  • Family Portraits etc

Portrait Studios are mainly cheerfully lit rooms with lot of space, props, dressing room, and kid's area for children photography and various types of backdrops etc.

The portrait studios not only click pictures, but they also give tips and background to personalize and enhance the photographs.

Wide range of studios

Seattle offers a variety of portrait studios, many of them specializes in different type of photography by expressing and focusing on a particular area or event. It can be wedding, child-birth, religious ceremonies etc.

One of the most well-known Seattle portraits studios belongs to photographer Alicen Lum, who has been creating memories since the year 2006. Alien Lum photography-Seattle new-born and maternity photographer registered under Professional photographers of America.

Alicen provides photography under various categories:

  • 1 year session
  • Baby photography
  • Infant photography
  • Family photography
  • Location photography
  • Maternity photography etc

Although she provides services in many categories, Alicen is famously known as Seattle maternity photographer along with this she also specializes in new-born and children photography. She loves capturing and creating life long memories of what parents love the most. The pregnancy, new-born expressions and childhood is a phase that passes very fast and all the expressions remain pasted only in the minds of the parents and grandparents. Alicen helps bring colors and tangibility to those memories by clicking and personalizing them.

Her specialized services are:

  • Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is a fast growing professional photography. The maternity photo sessions are done with a lot of sensitivity and planning. Maternity photos are not just clicking the baby bump; these are the moments for parents and children to look back on.

  • New Born Portraits

Alicen prefers to photograph new-born aging two weeks or younger for a better pose in the session. She aims to click pictures by using different type of blankets, props, etc. and also takes shots of little toes, fingers. It also includes family pictures, sibling clicks and photographs individually with each parent.

  • Children Photography

It is the best way to document the child growth and capture the moments while the child is at its best. Alicen believes that a click today is an investment for tomorrow.

Before the shoot day, Alicen provides necessary session details which leads to stress free photo session.

For maternity session

  • Preferably, the client should be approximately 8 to 9 months pregnant to capture the full bump
  • Carry along proper and necessary clothing to suit the body type and complexion.
  • Ultra sound photographs
  • Some accessories
  • Couple coordinated clothing if possible.

For new-born session

  • Any cute and/or sentimental outfit, stuffed animal and blanket with which parent would prefer to get the picture clicked
  • Baby should be properly fed before the shoot in order to avoid any wastage of time
  • Preferably keep the baby awake before the session, so that the baby sleeps through when being clicked
  • Mother's presence important to comfort the baby

For children Session

For Boys: Blazer, shirts, Denims and accessories like ties, suspenders etc.

For Girls: Cotton and Ballerina Dress, Denims, accessories like hair bands, clips etc.

This Seattle portrait studio creates memories for tomorrow. She starts her assimilation of creative memoirs from pregnancy stage down to family portrait stage. She assists the families with necessary details before the session starts. She involves her customers completely in creating moment of intimacy and legacy.

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