Major Evident Differences Between Professional and Amateur Videos

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Dubai is one of the most visited places around the globe. In addition to serving the purpose of tourist attraction, the prime locations of Dubai also offer a great venue for shooting videos. Production companies from all over the world come to Dubai to shoot in its exotic locations and capture all the beauty it has to offer.

There are professional video production people and there are amateur video producers that do shooting in Dubai. Besides the fact that professional video camera Dubai offers is the difference between professionals and amateurs, however, the extensive use of Smartphone and all their video capturing and editing features is diminishing the difference of image quality. Still, there are different aspects that differentiate an amateur from a professional shot in Dubai. The lines below discuss those major elements.


One of the major factor that differentiates a professional from an amateur is lighting. The use of natural light, in addition to the artificial light in the dark makes or breaks the video quality. Only the experts know where to move the light so that it is flattering and gives the best image reception. The strong backlit and the sharp shadows are the flaws from which you can identify the work of an amateur. Therefore, if you notice anything off in terms of lighting, you can conclude from it that it is the work of an amateur and not a professional.

Poor Audio:

The quality of audio is another feature that differentiates a professional video from an amateur. Usually amateurs do not have the right microphones and other recording equipment that causes their audio to falter and the quality of audio to lag. Although the professional camera Dubai offers has its own quality mic, which suffices the need of external mic, however, if one does not place the subject close to camera then audio quality again becomes questionable. Therefore, the quality of audio in the video is another factor with which you can differentiate professional from amateur.

Shaky Footage:

One of the most crucial factor that clearly differentiates professional from amateur is the shaky footage. All the vines and videos recorded from Smartphone have one thing in common; the shaky video. Therefore, the shaking in the video is representative of amateur camera work. Using a tripod for capturing video is what professionals do and this is what makes their video stable and shake free compared to amateurs.

Excessive Panning & Zooming:

Professionals know all about angles and directions, therefore, in their shooting of a video there is very less panning and zooming, whereas, in case of amateurs, they try to cover the distance and fill up the angles by excessive panning and zooming. Therefore, if you spot a video where objects are zoomed in and zoomed out extensively, then be sure of the fact that it is a work of amateurs.


Above all the most important element that differentiates a video shot by an amateur and a video produced by professionals is the editing. A well shot video is worth nothing if the editing is not done properly. Therefore, above everything else it is the expertise in editing that differentiate amateur work from the work of experts.


In short, its not just the equipment, rather it is a combination of skills as well that differentiate between amateur and professional shot in a city like Dubai.

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