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Services Provided by Knowle Photographic

This one-stop shop provides all photo needs and is guaranteed to be very satisfactory with the results. If you needs are Passport pictures, ID photos, Banners for party or birthday celebrations, Personalized Greeting Cards, Scanning or reproduction of old photographs, Restoration of water damaged or very faded picture of precious memories,Wall Art mounted in Acrylic frames, Poster Prints Wall Hangings, anything that you need to create the feeling of family, love and appreciation. Knowle Photographic is more than happy to make your request become a reality.

Every frame, every picture that is reproduced, every personalized greeting card for all occasion, every photo book that is created with memories of a wedding, graduation, birthday celebration is sure to capture the essence of these occasions that will hold memories for years to come.

Knowle Photographic has a compliment of professional photographers who are experienced to photograph your wedding and recreate the memories in such great detail that you are sure to relive those memories as though they happened yesterday.

Packages are reasonably priced and can be tailor-made to fit your requirements. Just call, email or visit our location and our able staff will be pleased to be of assistance. We will work with you to ensure your requests are delivered to your satisfaction. No other photo center boasts of this quality service that we are able to provide. References from our many satisfied clients do the job for us at Knowle Photographic. We thrive on satisfied clients and are able to deliver the same service to all who engage our services.

Knowle Photographic is located in Birmingham, Solihull, West Midlands, we are available for engagements in London, United Kingdom and Internationally for any event you need professional and quality photography. No job is too hard or too small for us to handle.

Our site has all the relevant contact information and we welcome all business. Terms and Conditions are a part of our business and this constitutes a binding agreement between us as client and customer. Any situation that may arise, the Terms and Conditions are binding; so we are able to provide professional and quality service with which need to be familiar. Future use of our services and even present requirements are covered in these documents which are quite easy to follow. For more e details on these Terms and Conditions for Knowl photographers just log on to our site and you will have this information. The professional way this document is layed out, you are sure of the quality and professional work that is to be expected.

If you have any queries you can Contact Us by email [email protected] or by phone Tel: 01564 774903.

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