Improve Your Photography With Photo Apps For iOS And Android

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Gone are the days of the traditional point-and-shoot digital cameras after the smartphone camera technology evolved over the last decade. The new tech offers high performance with some additional help from apps. Speaking of photography and camera features, we have come up with this post of some photo apps for iOS and Android to help you make your favorite photos look adorable and perfect. If you are someone who likes all beautiful moments captured to cherish forever, have a look at the list below to recall the pro inside you. Photo editing apps for Android Prisma PrismaPrisma Prisma is all about complex neural networks. Yes, the app applies artistic flourishes to the images captured or uploaded by users. Soon after its release the app has burst onto the scene with immense popularity and positive welcome by users of Android and iOS platforms. All you need to do is just pick a photo from your gallery or snap one from within the app itself, and you will be glad to find a choice of 30-unique filters by popular artists and styles, including Picasso, Munch, and even Japanese ukiyo-e pop art style. Its artificial intelligence filters every image differently, meanwhile learning and adapting to consistently improve the quality of the results. Though it's not real art, but it's fun. You need an Internet connection; hence the speed affects the time taken to process the image. At times, the system gets overloaded, yet the increasing fame might help funding and more research for its improvements. Prisma is already set to debut a video feature sometime soon. Adobe Photoshop Express Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express Adobe Photoshop Express is a suitable solution for editing photos. The application revolves around the absolute basics like cropping, red-eye removal, flipping, and resizing. You can also use its blemish-removal feature that kicks out the pesky spots of dirt or dust from your photos. Using cross-platform the app, you can control color balance and overall appearance of your pictures along with the option for adjusting shading, contrast, highlights, shadows, and more. For those who want more advanced touch in their photography skills, they can benefit from the professional design features. It's easy to use and lets you filter your pictures in some unique effects, including vivid, mosaic, dawn, and fish eye. Airbrush AirbrushAirbrush Airbrush is also called as the selfie protector many times given its capability to offer great selfie features. If you are a selfie lover, Airbrush is your fast friend. The photo app helps you makes your photos shine and get perfectly optimized for Facebook, Twitter, and other apps. The app comes with a few, but useful functions which are easy to execute. You can use the smoother to rid your pictures from skin bumps and the blemish-removal option to hide those embarrassing acnes. Turn your teeth whiter or make your skin glow, the app has so much to offer you with your selfies. Even if you are a newbie to selfie-editing, Airbrush offers you a range of simple tutorials to get started. There are 10 videos, each giving you a thorough yet quick overview of each app's features. Photo apps for iOS Now that you are aware of some of the image editing apps for Android devices, it's time to move on to iOS platform. Here is the collection of a few different apps for iOS with similar features. Adobe Lightroom Adobe LightroomAdobe Lightroom Though many of its tools demand a newer model of iPhone to run, Adobe Lightroom still remains in the list of feature-rich apps, especially for photographers or photo-loving people who like to edit their collection while on the go. The app automatically syncs the photos with its desktop counterpart. No matter if you are using photos shot on your smartphone or raw pictures from a DSLR, the app lets you quickly edit, enhance, and even share your photos using its array of tools. ProCamera ProCameraProCamera

With the launch of iOS 8, the develop Cocologics came up with a completely new app rather than updating the exciting ProCamera app. The new app comes optimized for iOS 9 and later and still flaunts a minimalist interface. You can use from its variety of sophisticated features to set exposure time, ISO sensitivity, tint, and much more. The app even sports a night camera and full-resolution previews apart from great exposure control and more than 70 unique filters and effects. Camera+ Camera+Camera+ When it comes to features, Apple's native iOS camera app seems anemic despite the iOS updates. Fortunately, Camera+ offers a wide gamut of exposure controls and advanced tools like continuous flash, 6x digital zoom, touch-focus adjustment, frontal flash, a timer, and preset filters. The app has a well-organized interface which makes it easy to use whether it's snapping or sharing the photos on social media that you want. Common photo apps for iOS and Android Finally, it's time for the treat. If you have two smartphones or you work on both at times, you should go for a photo app that can be run on both iOS and Android whenever you want. Read the list below to find out some apps you can use to edit your photos on both the platforms. Instagram InstagramInstagram It just needs no introduction as the app is a pioneer in its field. Over the last decade, Instagram has evolved into a hub for photos. So, even if you are s newbie to the world of photo apps, you'd likely heard of Instagram anyway. The app is capable of turning your everyday photos into some highly-fashioned and glamorous ones, thanks to its plethora of custom-designed filters and editing tools. The reasons why Instagram is so popular are many. It's flexible, versatile, and available for free for all platforms. The app is also linked to Twitter and Facebook, so it's also like a social media platform in itself. The latest version of Instagram even lets users combine multiple clips into a video. Pixlr PixlrPixlr With more than 2 million combinations of filters, overlays and effects, Pixlr continues to boast plenty of tools to keep you engaged for hours. The photo app lets iOS and Android users layer their images, add text captions, and even use the collage maker. The latest version of Pixlr allows you an eraser to auto fix and auto contrast and added labels for enhanced navigation between effects. Given that it's free of cost and available for both iOS and Android platforms, the app is worth a try. Fotor FotorFotor If you are looking for a flexible photo editing application which is cross-platform and easy to use to get high-quality results then Fotor is on the list. The app allows you to edit, make a collage, and share photos apart from discovering the masterpieces created by others. With the new version, you can enjoy the world's first “focus” feature. It makes optimum use of new SLR technology and lets you use your phone to create photos with greater depth and clarity. You just need to select a focal point, adjust the emulator to your preference, and create an HD finish. So, this was out a roundup of some popular photo editors for iOS and Android. We hope these help you get better out of your photos and improve your photography skills.

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