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DSLR or the Digital Single Lens reflex camera is made to work in such a way so as to combine the technique of digital imaging sensor with the workings of a single lens reflex camera. It is a high end device which enables photographers to do apply a variety of filters and options so that the final output or the digital image captured can shine with brilliance.

However, even before embarking on a photographing spree with the same, it is very important to know the basics of the same. This, in itself, is also not a very difficult proposition since today there are numerous DSLR photography apps available on the internet which come with practical and applicable DSLR photography tips.

10 tips and tricks to enhance DSLR Photography

Irrespective of whether one is a novice are an expert in the field of photography, there is never any end to learning. And with various well-known camera manufacturing giants like Nikon etc., conducting workshop, photography class etc., it is easy to learn quite a few photography enhancing tips like:

  • Using the aperture and shutter priority modes: These are also known as the semi-manual or the semi-auto modes and greatly help in the understanding of the basics of picture clicking.
  • Quality tripod: Buying a good quality tripod is always considered a good investment especially since it helps to keep the camera absolutely still for capturing photos in motion.
  • Understand autofocus capabilities: One of the best ways to improve DSLR photography is to understand the nuances of its autofocus capabilities. This comprises of two modes:

o The one shot mode for clicking still pictures and

o The continuous mode for clicking moving objects.

  • ISO: The ISO speed is a direct reference to the sensitivity of the film to the light. Hence the higher the ISO speeds, the better is its sensitivity to light and vice versa.
  • Metering modes: These modes enable a photographer to have absolute control over the exposure that a picture should experience. There are many tutorials available online which can give a clear understanding of the metering modes.
  • Exposure compensation: Even though the camera automatically controls the exposure, there are times when the photographer has to manually override them so as to facilitate a good click.
  • White balance: The proper use of white balance makes for natural looking pictures which appear much more realistic.
  • Use of photo-editing software: These software help to spruce up a photo especially in times of emergencies. It is a boon especially for those times when recreation of a scene is almost impossible.
  • Filling up the memory card: A good way of getting better pictures is to fill up the memory card with lots of them so that the best of the lot can be chosen later on.
  • Perspective: The shot perspective is something which can only be acquired with years of experience. Hence it is always better to learn the basics and use them to shoot pictures from different perspective to get an instinctive understanding of the same.

There are some basic hardware and software features associated with the DSLR camera. A proper understanding of these features forms the foundation of all Photography courses/classes offered online by the DSLR photography apps.

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