How we Make Aerial Photography so Attractive?

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Aerial photography is a branch that usually generates a lot of attention. They are images from points of view that we are not used to seeing, and this is always striking. It is even more attractive if we are the ones who make photography.

If you have the opportunity to photograph from the air, we recommend that you take 2 objectives: an angle for general photos, and a telephoto lens to look for details from the height, you see many curious things that we do not see from the ground.

On the other hand, it is also true that Singapore Aerial videography is not something that is available every day, but there are always a number of options that we can put into practice around the world.

  • Get on a hill- It is a good option to photograph landscapes and villages from above, and in passing, to practice sports. The downside is that you have to carry all the weight of the equipment up. Look for tall buildings with roofs- Ideal for photographing the city quietly, in the blue hour, at dusk or when it is best for us.
  • High bridges- Usually they are typically the pedestrian bridges that pass over the freeways. In fact, it is one of the best tips for photographing roads. Although not the usual, if you have the occasion to choose transportation, here a selection of the advantages and disadvantages of some of them.
  • Airplane- The most popular! Who has not taken photos from the airplane window in mid-flight? That's their good side, which virtually allows anyone to take aerial shots easily. However, the bad side is that the quality is very poor as the window is not usually very clean and being a thick glass may not be completely clear.
  • Plane and helicopter- The two are quite alike when taking photos. Maybe the plane is a bit more stable, anyway, both options are better than the plane, because the windows are not so thick and the field of vision is much wider. It is best that you ride next to the pilot to see more.
  • Balloon: It is the best way to take pictures more calmly. The good thing is that you go inside the basket and you can change the optics quietly, as long as you do not go too many people where you have more difficult to move. As it picks up, it depends where the wind takes you, and maybe you have to have a little patience.

Singapore Aerial videography is used in cartography and other photogrammetric studies. They are also used to make accurate measurements on the ground, for example to superimpose them on a construction plane and check for deviations or if everything is correct.

It is advisable to use a standard or wide angle lens, but sometimes you will find it very useful to make a shorter plane on some element in question. When it comes to wildlife, you can use a telephoto lens so that you at least capture its shape and not only capture some incomprehensible dots.

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The author is a professional photographer based in Singapore. Mark Rin is an expert in photography and writes about Singapore Aerial videography.

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