How to Discover Innovative Technique for Wedding Photography?

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Wedding is a very special moment for the bride and groom. This is why they want to ensure that the ceremony is totally unforgettable. Every aspect of the ceremony is important to make the experience memorable; however, photography is something that captures the moment and preservers it permanently. While some people are happy posing simply for the photos, some want to go a step further by making it more innovating. Wedding is a great way to bring the families and friends together and here are some cool innovative photography ideas. Recreating the Beatles' Abbey Road If one is looking for innovative technique for wedding photography, then this could really be a very good idea. This could be done right after the wedding. It entails the bride, groom, best man, and the bridesmaids walking over the zebra crossing while the photographer clicks the photos from the side. The arrangement is such that the bride is leads the file and is followed by the groom right behind her. The groom is then tailed by the best man who is followed by the bridesmaids. This will give quite a unique setup. Bride is the Exploding Time Bomb This is another quite innovative technique for wedding photography. The bride poses as a time bomb and is surrounded by the groomsmen and the groom himself. The photographer asks everyone to wait until the moment is right. Now the bride waits for the photographer's commands. When the photographer gives the signal, the bride acts as if she is exploding and the men jump in the air as if they are being thrown back. To click the picture successful, timing will be of extreme importance. It may require a few rehearsals or trial and error. Shoe Tossing

While tossing the bouquet in the air is pretty common, no one usually thinks about hurling the shoes in the air. Gather a few bridesmaids along with the bride. Make the bride stand in the middle. It would be so much better if the bridesmaids are wearing contrasting clothes. Or else, they can have the uniformity in the colour. Now the photographer will stand in the distance and ask the girls to throw the shoes at his command. But the trick is not to throw the shoes up in the air but towards the photographer. Since he would be standing at some distance he wouldn't get hit. At the right moment the photographer will click the picture and capture the shoes mid-air. The focus will be on the shoes and the girls will be blurred out. Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography Zombie Setting Some people want to make things really unique and innovative. Hence, they try out a few bizarre things as well. Now there is zombie set up that the bride and groom (and their friends) can try. The idea is simple – get them all dressed like zombies and put on the makeup that gives them the zombie semblance. However, it would be a little difficult to achieve and may even be costly. Know more:

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