How to Capture Aerial Photography And Videography Properly

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Aerial Photography and Videography have become very popular, and people don't do it only as a hobby, but now it has also been used for commercial purposes as well, thus photography has also become a profession for many numbers of people. The concept of aerial photography is not a new one, and has been used for a long time now, but the popularity it has gained was never registered earlier. In the previous years, not many people used Aerial Photography but now the picture has changed altogether.

In today's time, the accessibility and affordability of drones have given a new life to the art of photography, and there are ample number of options to make a mark in the field of aerial photography, for that reason there is a whole market for it, and people also take help of Aerial Photography Hire Services‎.

The trend of Aerial Photography and videography has emerged in Singapore for low-altitude imagery with the use of light-weighted helicopter drones. This technology helps in taking some great and stunning aerial shots, that can also be used for different commercial purposes, such as, real estate videos, construction videos, and films. There are many other uses of aerial videography and photography, but the already mentioned once are early adopters of the new technology. People also take Aerial Photography Hire Services‎ for commercial purposes.

Most of the demand comes from the real estate sector and natural resource management sector and the further demand is also expected from urban planningand the insurance fields.

As the aerial photography and videography has become so popular, there are some factors which need to be taken care of, while choosing aerial production, let us have a look at some tips which will help you to make successful videos and pictures:

Type of Drone: The most necessary thing while doing Aerial Videography or Photography is the type of drone which needs to be used for shooting. The cheapest ones are the quadcopters as they are small and lightweight, but they have the problem of lack of stabilization. A gamble is a support system which is used to control the camera on a role and it also helps in compensating the movements of drone, and some better quality gimbals also pan and tilt the camera. A gimbal also stabilizes the camera to get some quality shots. A hexacopter along with a speedy gimbal can be the excellent choice for a flawless and good coverage. The weight of a hexacopter also stabilizes more than a quadcopter.

Type of Camera: While making a choice of a camera, one has to be aware of some important factors, such as you should choose the lightest camera to get the results you desire. The Hexacopters have the capability to fly up to 8 to 10 minutes with a DSLR camera, because of the limitation of the battery. The choice of the camera also depends on the final use, a light weighted DSLR camera is highly recommended.

Hope this article will help you to get good photos, and you can also interested in Aerial Photography ‎ in Singapore.

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The author is a professional photographer based in Singapore. Mark Rin is an expert in photography and writes about aerial photography in Singapore.

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