How Hotel Photography Can Help Improve Your Brand’s Reputation

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Guests make their booking decision through a combination of factors. The way you represent your hotel's features and offerings through website photography contributes a great deal to a potential consumer's view and perception of your facility. Good hotel photography is a critical investment to any hotel brand as it helps attract target audiences and gives them much to look forward to when they finally decide to book.

People generally pay more attention to visual elements. This is why pictures play an undeniable role when it comes to attraction and making an impression to target customers. After price, visuals are what travelers and prospect guests look into when scanning hotel and OTA sites for a good room to book.

Photography gives you complete freedom over the visuals and images you can use in order to represent your facility in the best light. One of the main things you should remember when selecting photos to use on your website or when submitting images to OTAs is that prospects are usually more interested in the things that directly affect their hotel experience rather than the incidental features you have to offer. Below are important elements that your hotel photography should highlight:

  • Guest rooms – Luxurious, clean, and inviting are nothing but words every other hotelier says about their own rooms. To set your hotel apart from the competition, it is critical that you support your claim with actual images of the best highlights of your guestrooms, ranging from its fixtures to other details that will make your guests' hotel experience worthwhile.
  • Restaurants/dining areas – If you run a full-service hotel, make sure to highlight traveler hotspots. Among the most popular hotel hotspots for visitors are on-site restaurants and dining facilities. Most guests appreciate the convenience of having somewhere to dine on-site, especially during odd hours.
  • Hotel amenities – Your photo gallery should also highlight any other additional amenities your hotel offers. Facilities like gyms, pools, spas, saunas, hot tubs, meeting spaces, halls, conference rooms, and even guest parking make excellent guest attractions that add to the appeal of your resort.

Apart from in-hotel facilities, features, and amenities, hotel advertisers also often advise the inclusion of recreational prospects that the surrounding area presents, ranging from nearby attractions to local events, and other interesting activities that draw tourists in. Travelers seek out experiences that enrich their visit, so if your hotel happens to be close to such locations, use them to your advantage.