How Brisbane Real Estate Photography Has Transformed Itself Over The Years

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One of the biggest names in the styling industry in Australia states that although styling a house is essential, great photography is just as important to fetch top dollar for the property.

“A few years ago, you'd have driven your car to the property sites and looked at the boards to get an idea of the property.”

But now everything is available online. You can literally take a virtual tour of the house whether through online pictures or prints. If you are planning to sell your property, there is no doubt that interested parties will come to that property to feel the mood of that place. But before they do, you need to entice them with Brisbane real estate photography so that they feel the mood of the property from the photos itself.

People are always on the lookout for including several aspects of their lives through real estate photography that they want a photo shoot feel to it. In computer screens, you can't get that glossy feel to the pictures which are why people are resorting to printing them in glossy magazines.

Styling these photos is crucial. If you get the styling right, people will imagine themselves in the real estate property just by looking at the pictures.

“Just because you post the pictures of the property you want to sell on the internet doesn't mean that people will automatically show interest in them. There is way too much competition in the real estate business which is why you need to market your property as a package.”

There was a time when real estate ads were limited to a couple of lines in the classified section of newspapers with a special code that usually read something like “4bed, 1bath and 1kitchen.” But those days are long gone.

Property prices and marketing has come a long way to the point that today selling a house has transformed into a multifaceted marketing campaign involving social media and print to score cashed up prospective buyers from every possible angle. In these campaigns, photography is the front and centre.

Over the years, Brisbane real estate photography has also changed drastically. Professional photographer today are implementing a more honest approach rather than portraying the property in a way which isn't entirely accurate.

One of the leading real estate photographers admits that “We let the property speak to us rather than stand in a corner and take random snaps.”

What real estate photography used to be isn't what it is now. Years ago, prospective buyers didn't want to see animals in real estate pictures. But these attitudes have changed a lot over the years.

It's the same with product photography too. These days, a product photographer in Brisbane doesn't just stick to the tried and tested method of clicking pictures on a white background. Sure this method is a safe bet, but people want to see something different, something which they haven't seen before.

Props, for instance, are an integral part of product photography these days. Keeping the product as the centre of attention, photographers are now bringing several elements in their pictures so that it portrays a story, rather than just being a random snap.

The author Nathan Jons is the most renowned product photographer in Brisbane and over the years he has gained much experience in Brisbane real estate photography. If you are looking to run a media campaign to sell your property, he is the best option for you.

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