Get Creative with Wedding Arches,Canopies Indoors or Outdoors

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Get creative and allow the juices to flow, thus hone your skills as a wedding photographer. For the couple it is their first wedding, but as a wedding photographer, you are in and out of many such weddings and also have different ideas to make a wedding appear special. Here are some of the weddings arches that look amazing.


A rustic, natural wedding arch featuring the accents of vine detailing, the asymmetrical foliage and greenery in natural shades amidst the scenic mountain valley includes eucalyptus, ferns and green hydrangea.

Have a four poster canopy for the wedding such that it is draped in flowing fabric and is ornamented with bouquets of chrysanthemum, hydrangea and other white blooms.

Create a romantic aura with everything in pink such that there are blush pink roses, pink hydrangea, pink ferns and carnations wrapped around the wedding arch. It is sure to steal the show and make best wedding photos.

Add delicate white fabric such that it has peonies, roses and trailing greenery creating a luxe romance mood. Even coral garden roses with ranunculus and peonies draped with fern leaves give a stunning look and reveals the creative art flowing in the arches.

Make a wooden elegancy canopy well decorated with cream and burgundy colours. Keep this place to exchange vows, it will appear sparkling.

There are many outdoor wedding arches available draped in beautiful fabric. Ensure to add peach pink roses from the garden or you can also mix it with other colour garden roses. It will look fresh and the sweetness of the roses will make the couple blush, ensuring a beautiful wedding photograph as even the guests at the wedding will be in awe seeing the roses and its grandeur.

A floral chandelier suspended from a tree appearing in a garden setting looks heavenly. This can be perfect in an outdoor wedding canopy. You can wrap the canopy with white fabric and have bouquets arranged everywhere in green, purple and white bouquets amongst the candelabras making a perfect pretty scene.


Hanging chandeliers indoors from a glass walled wedding venue looks spectacular creating a canopy of light. Ascertain the light spreads all over and has a balanced throw of light.

Maintaining the venue natural, keeping everything in wood and highlighting the marble floor presents the couples love for the simple rustic look. Ensure to decorate with flowers and twigs to give a unison feel of the venue. You can suspend delicate blooms as if there is a dreamy flower ceiling.

If you consider a beach wedding canopy, go for it in bamboo and keep the celebrations matching with flowing fabric draped in light. Ensure to have the background with a ship and place a wooden heart revealing the couples names. This is sure to bring a beautiful smile on their faces and this expression is worth capturing as they are gazing away and seeing something very beautiful.

Wedding arches or the venue make a destination wedding more beautiful highlighting the ultimate romance celebrating their love.

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