Framing 101 Getting The Right Angle For Your Photographs

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Truly stunning photographs capture attention of viewers without much effort. However, you can also turn an ordinary wedding picture into an extraordinary one without much effort.

You can have framed photos displayed in your office or home that capture attention of viewers. Something as simple as a solo portrait in an elegant silver frame draws more compliments than the life size piece of artwork hanging on your wall. How?

The technique of drawing attention (to the subject in the picture) by blocking other parts in the scene is called framing. This technique is largely used by professional wedding photographers, to enhance the subject's appeal in the image.

Amateur photographers know of this technique by the name 'getting the right angle'. In order to get the right angle, photographers shoot through windows, overhanging branches, by using tunnels, doorways, arches, or even people!

Getting the right angle on your picture will:

Provide Context to the Photo

Are you having your wedding in a venue of architectural wonder? Your photographer can take full advantage of the archways, foliage and stunning brickwork of the venue when taking your wedding photos. The end result will be something coming out of a Disney fairytale.

Give Sense of Depth and Layers to Photos

Even a simple maternity photograph can showcase several tones of depth; just by the way it is captured and shot.

Extra dimension, i.e. layers can be added by placing something in the foreground (foliage, a beautiful prop).

Lead Viewer's Eye towards Main Focal Point

Some 'frames' are better able to draw viewer's attention to the main subject, just by their shape. Some photographers think the right angle can not only draw viewer's eye into the picture but also keep it there for a long time!

Lastly – the right angle Intrigues Your Viewer

Some images draw viewer attention not because of what can be seen; rather what can't be seen.

This is clever photo taking at its best – and it will leave viewers wondering what is behind that curtain or that hand.

At Karla Delgado Photography, one of Los Angeles's leading photographers – the rule of thumb strictly followed: will this angle add to or take away from the picture?

There are times when framing won't be a good technique for your wedding pictures. At other times, it will make all the difference. View the photo catalogue that Karla Delgado has taken over the years and decide for yourself.

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