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A wedding is a joyous day that every bride and groom looks forward to with anticipated delight. Every moment and detail is carefully planned out so that nothing can go wrong. And after the months of preparations, the big day often goes by in a flash.

But the couple always has a lovely wedding video that brings back their special day to life and lets them relive the various moments with just as much glee and pleasure. Being able to see many things that they had otherwise missed on is one of the most joyous benefits of wedding videos.

However, many people often complain that they are not happy with the final video that is given to them. Either the effects are crappy or it's just too corny for their taste. At times, the constant filming gets in the way and even ends up inhibiting the guests.

But the problem rests with the quality of the videographer per se. Seeing that there can be no retakes or setups again, following are a few tips on how to choose the best wedding videographers to capture your big day:

  • Level of experience – Do not hesitate to ask how long the videographer has been filming and editing wedding videos. Try to gauge their professionalism and whether they are truly passionate about capturing the spirit of a wedding.
  • What is your style? – Every videographer has a personal style of capturing the wedding. For instance, some go for a simple chronological and documentary type approach while some revel in adding a cinematic feel with music, special effects and montages. The style should always be in tune with your expectations. If you are looking for something creative, unique or even vintage, it is best to clarify it at the outset itself.
  • Sample of work – Request to view a few samples of their wedding videos to get a sense of the quality and style of their work. Now you know what to expect.
  • Type of equipment – The quality of the video rests as much in the kind of gear used as the skill of the videographer. Ask them to give you an idea of the kind of cameras, microphones and lights that will be used.
  • The minutiae – Clarify the finer points in advance – such as how many videographers will be present, familiarity with the venue, coordination with the photographer and even the camera angles used, if you so wish.
  • Due date – You obviously don't want to wait 6 long months before you can even hope to get a glance of your wedding video! While the editing and special effects surely take time, agree on a reasonable time of delivery beforehand.
  • Money matters – Discuss your budget upfront and spell out details such as time duration and length of final video. Ask for packages and combo deals with photography included. Get everything in writing.

Done right by the best wedding videographers, a wedding video will be treasured for generations and never fail to bring some of the loveliest memories to life again and again!

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