Factors In Becoming a NYC Professional Portrait Photographer

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Having a good online headshot or portrait is no longer a need it is an essential part of life. Whether it is for business, online dating or anything in-between, having an online picture that stands out has become a very competitive field for photographers.

Today, with advancement in technology, the field of portrait photography has scaled to newer heights. Without the correct equipment a photographer is at a disadvantage. We live in a technological era and all photographers today must not only be masters of their craft, they have to be masters of the cutting edge equipment. When pairing technical skills with the right equipment, professional photographers set themselves up to capture an excellent portrait of a subject.

With competition at its highest, the New York Headshot photographer must not only be a master of craft and have the newest technology; they must also be able to direct their clients in a way that provides clients with an opportunity to explore self in front of the camera. Creating the right environment can be a tricky thing, but if you want to capture a portrait that has “lookability” each photographer must figure out their own personal way of working and unique style that will bring their subjects to life in the most honest way possible. Hopefully this will create the right ingredients necessary to allow each client to feel comfortable and seen in front of the camera. There are so many factors to consider but on a basic level, when combining the right equipment, craft and working environment the photographer is now ready to create something special with his or her client.

As noted, to be a Professional Headshots Manhattan photographer you must have the right camera equipment to capture stunning portraits. Does it need to be the most expensive? The short answer is no. It is good for photographers to know that DSLR cameras have advanced in a way that allows even inexpensive camera's to have the ability to capture a beautiful image. If the photographer understands how to work with light and how to direct their subjects, the result, with a more inexpensive camera, can still provide an image that will allow for professional work.

Some factors professional headshot photographers must consider are locations and backgrounds ideal for subjects. It is worth noting that there are no perfect backgrounds. All professional photographers must find their own unique style that sets them apart. If lifestyle backgrounds are your thing, go for it, find the way in which it works. Others will opt for solid background colors. There is no right or wrong. Explore and find what fits your artistic esthetic.

There is no formula or science to becoming a Professional Portrait Photographer. The best advice is always shoot subjects every day. The more you work, the better you get. It is easy to forget this and get caught up in reading articles or watching videos, but the real learning happens when working with your clients.

Being a NYC Headshot Photographer requires a tremendous amount of talent, hard work and a desire to work with people. Competition is fierce but stay true to yourself and your art and you will find your way.

Todd Estrin is a Brooklyn based headshot photographer specializing in working with actors. Understanding how actors inherently think has allowed for honesty and vulnerability in the room. He is original in his approach to finding the real you.

Todd Estrin Photo Todd Estrin Photography is a Brooklyn based headshot photographer specializing in working with actors. Located at Adams Street in Brooklyn, New York, Todd Estrin is a photographer who specializes in headshots for actors. He discovered his passion for portrait photography while working with a group of kids in Madagascar. While there Todd learned the extraordinary gift and power of seeing someone and capturing who they are with a camera.

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