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Most Christian weddings takings place in a church or religious building, however, it's not special for some couples to select an outdoor setting at a formal meeting place.

Beforehand the ceremony begins, the groomsmen classically act as attendants and direct guests to their seats. Significant family members – parents and grandparents, for example, are often accompanied down the aisle to their seats by one of the groomsmen. The Preeminent Man and Groom are often in a private room or separated area and it's the Best Man's job to try and retain the Groom calm and calmed.

The Bride and Attendants arrive at the ceremony location and wait, out of vision, for a signal to begin the Bridal procession.

Formerly the Bridal procession begins, the Groom, Best Man, and Groomsmen stand in front of the table along with the presiding priest. This is commonly a signal that the Bridal demonstration is about to instigate so guests stand up and appearance to the back of the church in expectation of the Bride's arrival.

The procession could include flower girls and ring bearers who are normally children of close by family members or young brothers of the bride or groom. Subsequent these are the Bridesmaids and finally the Bride who is generally escorted down the walkway with her father or other close family member. While the procession ranges the front of the church, the Bridesmaids line up contradictory the Groomsmen and the person accompanying the Bride down the passageway shakes hands with the Groom to indicate their approval of the union and is usually seen a “giving the bride away”.

At this fact in the ceremony traditions differ. Some couples selected to have their mothers each light candles. These candles signify the two families. The Groom and Bride then light their individual candles from the family candles and then both altogether light a third candle that is located between the two family candles. This indicates the connection of two families through the marriage of the Groom and Bride.

All Christian ceremonies comprise the exchange of wedding promises where the Bride and Groom precise and approve their promise to each other. This is a key point in the marriage ceremony as it marks the start of the couple's lives together as Husband and Wife. The promises can be traditional or scripted, but frequently the Groom and Bride write their own oaths and keep them secret till this point in the ceremony. In this ceremony various lovely moments are happen and all moments are captured in camera by a photographer. The best Christian wedding photographer are present in India. provides best photography in wedding occasion.

The exchange of rings is commonly done either during the promises or instantly following the promises. The Best Man holds on to the rings till this point in the ceremony and then passes them to the priest. The rings are occasionally welcome by the priest and then handed to the Groom and Bride. The Groom places the Brides ring on the ring finger of his left hand and the Bride does the same for the Groom.

At this fact in the ceremony, the Recessional arises. This is where the Groom and Bride and entire wedding party departure the church, opening with the Bride and Groom and then followed by the Groomsmen and Maids of honour who normally walk out in couples. The guests then gather in the entrance of the church to congratulate the couple.

Ceremonial family photographs are generally taken following the ceremony and are typically done either at the church or at a beautiful outdoor location through warmer months.

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