Choosing Between Amateur & Professional Wedding Videography

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Okay, so there's a wedding coming up; a lot of people are on the guest list, the food has been arranged and the venue has been chosen. However, when it comes to keeping a document of the day – the video as it were, you will see that there are two different kinds of options that you can entertain. One of them is catching one of the kids and putting a camera in their hand and letting them shoot everything, and the second option that you have is hiring a professional wedding videographer from Los Angeles.

So if you want to make a video of the event and are not sure which approach would be suitable for you, they are explained in detail below.

There has been a huge rise in DIY in this day and age. With virtually everyone being able to access the Internet these days, you can get encyclopedic knowledge on many different kinds of topics. Thanks to the advent of YouTube and self-help videos, everyone believes that they can fix their damaged car wheels or learn how to shoot videos like a pro.

However, while the DIY approach is commendable, it also has a few drawbacks. The person won't have any idea on the finesse of taking proper cohesive shots, and they will also not be able to know how proper editing works. Just being able to shoot video alone doesn't constitute being a great videographer.

However, professionals are aware of all of the subtleties of shooting a proper video. They know exactly how to choose shots which don't just seem to make sense, they tell a story. They also understand the aspects of editing and how important it can be when it comes to finding a proper balance between a video which projects a story and documents every aspect of the day itself.

This is where knowledge of preproduction comes into play. An experienced videographer knows all of the different aspects of preproduction and how it can help to make a great end product. Preproduction helps the videographer to know the venue better so that they can choose which angles to cover and where to shoot the video from. They also know the number of guests expected to arrive, which can help them to decide how many cameras to bring. Preproduction also tells them when the bridge and groom are expected to arrive so the cameramen will know how much and when they need to prepare to get ready for their arrival.

One of the biggest benefits which professional videographers can give you is the fact that they have professional equipment. An ordinary off-the-shelf camcorder might just do the job, but if you see the same shot as captured by professional equipment, you will notice a stark difference between the two.

Probably one of the biggest issues that a lot of people face with amateur videographers is how they seem to get into everyone's personal space. Instead of happy guests you will see annoyed faces and grimaces of pain. A truly experienced professional videographer knows exactly how to blend into the crowd and captures shots almost naturally, almost like a fly-on-the-wall. This aspect of videography cannot be taught and is something which they learn through years of practice.

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