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People who love original pieces of artwork and believe in owning one are not deterred by any boundaries and limitations in their quest for excellence. Oil paintings have always captured the imagination of true art collectors. The perfect blend of color, texture and depth makes an oil painting an unmatched work of art.

If you love to collect art and are planning to buy original paintings online, here are a few essential tips which would help you make the right decision.

How To Choose The Right Oil Painting

If you are a true connoisseur of art, then you would look for paintings made decades or centuries ago. But if you are buying the painting for the sole purpose of decoration, then you should choose the one which suits your taste and the decor of your house.

Oil paintings have a lot of variety to choose from, hence asses your requirement and preference carefully before choosing the painting.

How To Evaluate The Quality?

In traditional technique, artist starts the painting with thinned paint or charcoal. After adding a layer of it over the canvas, the next layer is thinned than the previous one and so on. Because oil painting takes a lot of time to dry, artists tend to play with colors by spreading them more to get the desired look.

Apart from brushes, painters also use knives to add variety and character. One also needs to understand the most important thing i.e. the difference between hand painted pictures and giclee machine painted pictures. Giclees are basically recreation of the original works and are images created on a digital printer. The replicas of original copy can be made on different kinds of surfaces and often have crisper and clearer images than the original work.

Another very important thing you need to find out before selecting from original oil paintings for sale online is that the painting is stretched or unstretched. Stretched paintings could be hanged on the wall immediately without any additional work on them. While on the other side, an unstretched painting needs to be mounted to a piece of cotton, a stretcher or an inside frame. It requires more work to make it suitable for display.

It is advisable to buy an unstretched painting if you are getting it delivered from a distant place to avoid damage during the period of transit.

And, most importantly research thoroughly about the credibility of the seller or art gallery to avoid getting conned. Go through the history of the painting and find out about the artist to ensure it is original and genuine piece of art.

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