Booking a Wedding Photographer in Columbia SC for Your Wedding Day

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As you are organizing your wedding with your partner, you also need to find the right photographer for your special day, and that means that you need to develop a relationship prior to your wedding day. It is no good that the photographer capturing photos has no knowledge of the taste and personality of the wedding couple. Similarly, a wedding photographer does not want to start capturing photos on the wedding after receiving a strict short list by a bride or groom meeting for the first time. It is with a genuine rapport between you and the photographer that a wedding album can record the fun and emotions of the wedding day faithfully.

The article discusses things to consider when you are interviewing wedding photographers in Columbia SC to find the best one for your special day, even if it is for destination photography.

Where to find information about local photographers?

To go about finding a local photographer, search on the internet with “wedding photographer” + your wedding venue, like “Wedding photographer Columbia SC.” You don't have to consider the local language search terms where the wedding is to happen. You will find aphotographer who can communicate with you easily.

What information do you need to find initially?

Once you find the list of wedding photographers that you source from the Internet, you need to vet them to find the right one. The first thing to consider is to establish their professional credentials. Find out if the photographers so selected are certified, trained, and endorsed by a professional body. Select those who are in the list and move to the second part of the vetting process.

Once the credentials of the photographer are established, find out their availability before examining their suitability. Most photographers are booked in advance for the many weekends in the year. Send emails to the individual photographers that are there on the list and find out their availability on the day of your wedding. You could consider eliminating those who fail to answer promptly, say within a couple of days. Once you find a list of qualified photographers who are professional enough to be available, your real work begins.

What communication and evidence you could use other than meeting in person to make the right decision? The easiest way to go about it is to have a face-to-face meeting, though if you are going to marry abroad, this option is missing. You need to make a judgment as per the following order.

Photographer's Website

Depending on the information given on the website, you could find a lot about a wedding photographer. Search for websites that provide the best information and are professional, not only on the prices or experiences but the ethos and character of the photographer. Find out if they sound like they match with your wavelength and you could get on with them well. For those photographers who talk proudly about their previous work have many things to show on their website. There must be glowing testimonials on the website from his or her past clients.


Once the photographers that pass the test of their website, you should now search outside their website and find more information about them. This is available by searching the photographer's name in Google to find reviews of their work done. If the reviews are given in a foreign language, you could translate them using Google. Keep the names of those photographers with predominantly good reviews. It should, however, be noted that there could be malicious reviews of wedding photographers that do not tell the level of services they provide properly.

Make a call

Once the website of a photographer is good enough and the reputation seems quite sound, it is time for you to contact over the phone. You could make a Skype call using a webcam for a better understanding. This is an informal chat to have a better feeling of each other. However, when you meet the photographer in person, many of the general demeanors of the photographers like too formal, too casual, too business-like, too rambling, or too scruffy, could get amplified. However, it is the phone call or Skype chat that you have to settle for to make the decision on which among the wedding photographers in Columbia SC will be best for you. If you find few with the same ability, accreditation, reputation, etc., go for the one that best clicks with you.

Charlie Mather is one of the professional wedding photographers in Columbia SC, with years of experience in capturing stunning photographs at this special day.

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