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Wedding is most awaited event of one's life. This memorable day should get imprinted in the minds of the couple for their whole life, which a photographer can do. He makes the beautiful couple capture this special day in their photo album for the rest of their life and remind this as their best day. So, photography is not just a profession but an art where the photographer has to deal with the emotions of the people.

The classic wedding photography style is otherwise known as traditional wedding photography which was the only style in fashion until the new digital era. Though, there is many new styles of photography have emerged but this style is always in trend. It will never lose its craze even in the modern era. The central idea behind this timeless style is to produce posed photographs for display in a portrait album. In this style the photographer needs to work on every little detail that the bride and groom have requested. He has to add new elements and creativity in the posing style of the couple. The photographer has to take a perfect shot by keeping every detail in mind like the lighting, back ground, the attire of the couple and the body alignment etc.

In classic photography, the photos reflect reality infused with the artistic creativity of the photographer like in documentaries. These classic photos make the wedding album look striking, gorgeous and a bit formal. It is the art of a photographer that what can he create out of ordinary moments. It's his job to turn your ordinary wedding into beautiful.

Conventional wedding photography mostly captures the carefully posed shots of the wedding couple, family and friends. But Traditional wedding photographers mainly focus on the key moments and group shots only and they shoot a set list of photographs than capturing the candid moments.

This style of photography is characterized by a very formal approach a significant amount of time spent on the setups. The images are usually highly posed and will need a good deal of involvement from the photographer. This style may impact you in the following ways:

  • The photographer will work to a time line – often with specific shots being organized at a very specific time.
  • In some cases – the photographer will seem like a film director on a movie set, constantly organizing individuals into posed groups to produce a set of traditional wedding images.
  • Although considered out of date by many, traditional style images will still appeal to the older generation, so older relatives of the bride & groom are likely to be happier with this type of image.
  • The downside for many modern brides is that the resulting images can appear very stiff and rigid – and so fail to fully convey the air of happiness and fun that is part of many modern ceremonies.
  • However, many modern photographers pull in elements of classic wedding photography successfully. The classics were classic for a reason, and being able to modernize a classic pose rather than disregard it altogether can help retain a timeless feel and prevent photos from becoming dated too quickly.

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