Apps Help You to Recover Deleted Photos

Download instructions: rightclick on the picture and choose "Save picture as"
Tablet and mobile users: tap and hold on the image and choose "Save picture as"

Mobiles or tabs now a day are performing the job of the camera very eligible. Considering this, many mobile applications are being introduced in the market- picture editors, picture filters, collage makers so on so forth. But, we are introducing something unique to you. We are here with an amazing and user-friendly photo backup app which will help you recover deleted photos from the android phone.

Mobiles are allowing you to click snaps anywhere you want and that too with an HD quality. All the others app are helping you to edit your pictures, frame them well, share them on social platforms or personally send them to your loved ones etc.

But they are not providing you something which you need the most. Every time you click the picture you need to do one thing, even before uploading or sending it to anybody. Once you click the picture or make an album of images, you need to have a backup of it.

If this back up is on the device, you have 50-50 chances of losing those beautiful pictures. So not have a way of storing these memories safe forever. On cloud!

Yes, you can do this with our photo backup app, which will enable you to save numerous images on the cloud itself. This app will help you to recover deleted photos.

Download Snap Backup on your android mobile and store images up to 50 GB.

This app will not only help you recover deleted photos from an Android phone but will also save you from worrying about the data space on your mobile. Once you save the pictures with our app, you are ready to delete those pictures from the mobile and a space for new pictures and memories.

No need to buy those memory cards unnecessarily.

Last but not the least, let us inform you that, this storing process is very easy, you can save your pictures as per different categories like size, type, date, time. This will help you in finding pictures easily at the time of need. The app supports various formats like .jpg, .tif, .png, .gif, and so on. It is accepting images with resolution up to 11114×14008 pixels and 840×1186 mm.

And have sharing facility too! You are literally getting everything in the single photo backup app!

So continue enjoying your life!

GO outside, click pictures; go party takes selfies; go to functions, click amazing memories, enjoy every moment of your life without worrying about the safety of the images you click.

We have introduced this application for amazing individuals like you only. We want you to live every moment fully!