Aerial Photography- Now it is Good Trend in Singapore

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Aerial photography has undergone a revolution, thanks to the appearance of the drones. Undoubtedly, the drones arrived and did it to revolutionize the market and remain as an alternative to a myriad of things unthinkable to date. You hear a lot of the word drone but what are the drones? Essentially drones are planes or multicopters and are unmanned vehicles which mean they are piloted and controlled from the ground by radiofrequency.

At first the drones were technology exclusively military and of espionage, but since it has lowered its cost, any that save a little can be done with one of good quality. One of its most widespread uses is aerial photography.

Aerial Photography Services Singapore has changed with the advent of the drones. These devices have made it possible for anyone to take spectacular photographs from anywhere in the world and in the sky.

The aerial photographs taken with these gadgets are really spectacular. They turn any corner or city into a totally new place thanks to the perspective and the dimension that offers you the taking of these images from the heights.

Such is the boom of this photograph that has even its own social network: Dronestagram, where you can find photos and videos made with drones by professionals as well as amateurs and amateurs.

But for the aerial photography it is not worth any type of drone nor can we make use of them in all the places that please us. If we take a look at Government Air Safety, we will see that the use of drones is limited to unpopulated areas and uncontrolled airspace. In addition, the owner of the drone must have a certificate that allows him to pilot drones as well as an identification plate in it and a suitable insurance to the current regulations.

There is no doubt that Aerial Photography Services Singapore has taken a 180º turn, thanks to the technology of the drones. You get spectacular images from the heights and the resulting photos are breathtaking, showing any kind of landscape in a way never before known.

The demand for high-growth aerial images

As for new technologies, photographers are often first-time adopters, and sales of photographic equipment for aerial photography prove that drones are no exception to the rule. Thus, discounts granted during the Christmas holidays helped to boost online sales of drones with embedded cameras which increased by 165% compared to last year. This gives rise to a multiplication of unpublished photographs, coupled with innovations that will revolutionize the photography by drone in 2017.

What is the future of photography by drone?

The photography by drone is still in its infancy, sees a lot of possibilities. “Why not a generalization of 360° aerial images, with interactive plunge views as a bonus, or the exploitation of meteorological drones that would make it possible to obtain some striking atmospheric shots?”

Drones also play a role in search and rescue missions, as well as in exploring inaccessible or dangerous places; it will be interesting to follow how photographers could be associated with these missions to immortalize the content.

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The author is a professional photographer based in Singapore. Mark Rin is an expert in photography and writes about aerial photography in Singapore.

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