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Product photography is a division of commercial photography, which deals with the representation of any commercial products to customers more attractively as well as accurately. This type is photography has a huge range of application brochures or catalogs. Moreover, the various form of product photography is also being used to sell or promote a product or a service, and even a proportion of product images are also used in advertising a product or services.

The product photographic images are usually shot using digital cameras where the captured images are directly imported into computers or using old-fashioned film and developing techniques to set layouts and designs finally. Even the photography prices vary a lot mainly due to several factors, such as the level of expertise of the photographer, the preferences of customers, etc.

Objectives of photography

Generally, some of the common goal of photography includes the following.

To represent a product in good lighting without any identifiable reflections or severe shadows

To photograph a range of the products within an instant, one by one, keeping the light and the shadows consistent

To characterize a product without distortion

Basic requirements of photography

Nowadays, product photography is in huge demand and thus is ideal for showcasing an item to promote, advertise, or sell it. Some of the basic requirements are included in the following.

At least two or three better light sources, which may be strips of corrected flicker-free color LED lights, light stands, remote dimmers, etc.

A light box, which can be optional

A bright, clean, white poster paper a transparent or solid-colored seamless background

An 18-20% gray card for fine-tuning the white background

An efficient workspace or table

Translucent paper including tracing paper, white tissue paper, white umbrellas, or wax paper.

Image editing programs, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or Gimp

Prices of photography

photography services differ in costs because of many reasons. Some businesses prefer a fixed quote for a service product photography package, whereas other product photography services charge on daily or hourly rates basis. However, an initial product photography session is expected to cost around $150-$250 approximately. It is to be noted that this product photography prices only include a simple photo shoot to finish within a short time and that too with an insufficient number of product photos.

Important factors that influence the price of photography

As it was known to all that a picture of any product interprets the image of a company's as well as the brand. It is the only reason why different businesses immensely benefit to do product photography from a professional product photographer. However, there are numerous essential aspects that you need to consider before choosing an experienced product photographer; one of such aspects is the price. Some of the crucial factors mentioned in the following that indeed affects the amounts of product photography.

The design of shooting zone: Some products require a particular setting before getting photographed to make an impact.

The styling : Before a proper photo shoot, product photographers need to do lots of preparation for taking good pictures of the products. Some products require much more styling compared to others, which thereby makes the cost higher.

weight and size: Taking images of bigger and heavier items a bit more expensive as an assistant is always required to shift the product here and there and also to move at different angles for better shooting.

Efficacy of a photographer: Photographers who possess extensive experience in this field over the years are usually more expensive to hire mainly because of their skills and experience.

However, just all of the factors as mentioned above that affect the product photography prices for a particular session. Now that, there are different photography service providers from which you can get a clearer picture of various product photography estimate. The next thing to do is to compare the quotes and choose the best one that caters all your product photography requirements. If there are any doubts or queries, regarding prices of product photography or any professional product photographers, then you must visit the website of without any hesitation or delay.

The extensive features of this product photography service provider will surely help you to get different quotes or estimates for a product photography session from various professional photographers to fulfill your requirements whether to promote, advertise, or to sell your product.

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