A Few Tips from an Experienced Calgary Newborn Photographer

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Every successful Calgary newborn photographer has a different way of doing things and approaching this type of shoot. There is no perfect methodology, but what you will likely find in common amongst professional newborn photographers is that they know how important it is for the baby to be comfortable and for the parents to be relaxed.

In this article, we are going to discuss some useful tips from an experienced Calgary newborn photographer that will help you in learning more about newborn photography. Please have a look!

1. Types of photography:

There are two types or styles of photography – posed/studio and lifestyle.

Posed or Studio Sessions:These sessions are more traditional and take place at a studio. They typically work with babies that are sleeping and or very comfortable. While mom and dad are sometimes included these shoots are mainly about the baby.

Lifestyle Session:If you are looking for a Calgary newborn photographer to come to your house and photograph you and your baby in your home environment or even outside (weather permitting) then this will be the type of shoot you should be looking for. This type of shoot is more about showing the baby with the parents or in a more natural looking setting.

2. Right Gear, Equipment and Accessories:There really isn't a list of must have gear. What is most important is that you know how to use what you do have and you have a backup plan if something goes wrong. A Calgary newborn photographer will be challenged in the winter because you might be stuck shooting at a time where there really isn't much in the way of natural light. So understanding how to use additional lighting is really important.

3. Let parents know what to expectBefore the newborn photography session, a Calgary newborn photographer needs to give the parents an idea of how the shoot will go. The days following a baby being born are really hectic for parents. Some will want to have their entire house clean and tidy for the shoot and that can be a strain on couples, especially mom post delivery. Let them know that they don't need to prepare that home in advance. Stuff that's in the frame can be moved last minute. Also prep them that sometimes it just doesn't work out and you might have to reschedule for another day when the baby is having a better day.

4. Include the parents!Some parents that hire a Calgary newborn photographer might not want to be in the photos. Its understandable since they likely are sleep deprived and not feeling their best. As a newborn photographer I always encourage parents to at least take one set of photos with the baby as these might be very valuable to them some day.

Alan Maudie is an established professional Calgary newborn photographer that specializes in wedding and family photography.

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