4 Features You Must Have in Your Rental Photo Booth

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Whether you are searching for a photo booth in London for a major milestone birthday celebration, or looking for some guest entertainment at a coastal Cornish wedding, these items have several features that can guarantee not only fantastic photos, but also lasting great memories for all people involved.

The first must-have function that your photo booth should include is a wind machine. This is an ideal feature for creating glamourous shots, and works well for birthday parties and other light-hearted events where all guests are invited to let their hair down and have some serious fun.

When choosing a booth with a wind machine, make sure that you are investing your money in one that is both easy to operate and producesfantastic effects. Top suppliers of this kind of equipment with ensure that the right amount of wind is created for a glamourous look, and that the machine can be turned on and off with only the simple push of a button.

A second feature that is essential for maximum photo booth fun is the green screen; many reputable photo booth companies are now including this in a variety of their models, meaning that both small and big booths alike can benefit from this function, allowing those on all budgets to reap the benefits.

When hiring a green screen in a photo booth – whether at the London party or the Cornish wedding – choose a background image, or several background images, and they will be displayed behind the booth occupants when a photo is taken.

This can provide hours of fun for your guests, who will love having their picture taken against a variety of landscapes and in diverse scenarios. This also works really well for corporate or promotional events, where a brand name, brand image or logo can be displayed on the green screen in lieu of a scenic or situational digital photo.

A third handy function that you should consider when you hire a photo booth in London or any other city or location around the UK, is video messaging. This can be the perfect way for your guests to record their own personal messages to you, and is a great hit at specialoccasions such as weddings or milestone birthday parties.

This function will allow occupants of the booth to record a message as well as having their snap taken; it is the ideal opportunity to offer well wishes to the bride and groom, or the birthday boy or girl. This can then be made into a DVD which can besubsequently treasured for a lifetime.

A final feature to look out for when hiring a photo booth for a London graduation party or themed birthday bash is internet connectivity and the ability to instantly upload photos to social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

As many people love to share their snaps with their friends via the internet, this simple but practical feature can make all the difference; your guests will love the fact that they can instantly post their funny and quirky pics online for their followers to also enjoy.

All these four functions can make any photo booth hire that little bit more extra special. A wind machine can add lots of glamour to a shot, whereas a green screen can transport the guests at your event to a completely different place and time.

For personalised messages, consider hiring a video messagingfunction, and don't forget to add easy access to social media accounts so that guests can share their photos with their friends straight away. As for the cost of these luxury extras – don't worry – many top photo booth hire companies offer all of these as standard.

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